Department of Media Engineering and Information Radio Electronic Systems


Specialty 171 – Electronics

Educational ProgramSystems, Technologies and Computer Means of Multimedia”

In our educational program, students will receive theoretical and practical skills in the development and use of systems and technologies for creating multimedia, mastering the hardware and software for its recording, processing and synthesis for the needs of the gaming, film, television and entertainment industries. Our students are taught the following multimedia areas:

– the technique of recording, processing and synthesizing audio information, theoretical and practical acoustics;

– technology and technology of digital photography and image processing, elements of graphic design, 2D graphics, technology and frame rate animation, opto-technology and computer vision systems;

– technology and technology of video recording and installation, design and work with lighting and chrome, postprocessing of video materials, means of creating visual effects (VFX);

– technology and technology of 3D graphics (sculpturing, reto-politics, texturing and animation), devices and technologies for obtaining 3D images, 3D scanning, photogrammetry;

– multimedia content transfer information systems.

Skills and competences:

– development of systems and technologies for creating multimedia content, their application for the needs of the gaming, film, television and entertainment industry;

– development of sound recording systems, means of processing and installation of sound, their application for sounding of video recordings, recording and synthesis of audio support of the environment;

– design of audio and video complexes, systems of sounding of premises: concert and conference halls, cinemas, entertaining centers, as well as their practical exploitation during mass events;

– work with photo and video equipment, practical skills of working with photo and video cameras, processing and editing in the environments GIMP, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere.

– development of technical means for creation of computer 2D-, 3D graphics and animation, post-processing of video production and 3D graphics, working with visual effects of VFX, as well as their application for creating multimedia;

– development of multimedia applications;

– development of technical means of digital image processing, computer vision systems for automation and robotics;

– organization of television and audio broadcasting.

The professional skills that teach in our educational program correspond to the professions of both the present and the future. Vacancies in foreign and domestic companies are most often indicated in English and look like this:

Multimedia Engineer, Sound Engineer / Sound FX artist, Video Engineer, 3D Artist / Technical artist, 3D Animator,

Technical Animator, VFX Artist, Cinematic Animator, Environmental Artist / Technical Artist, Technical Facial Animator, Lightning Engineer, Lightning Artist / Technical Artist, Motion Capture Animator, Frontend Designer.

Сurriculum, Specialty 171 – Electronics